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Respite Care

Here at Hazelwood Care Home, we proudly provide unrivalled levels of Respite Care in a purposely-designed care facility. Making the decision to stay with us, no matter how long the duration, should mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, one that allows residents to feel confident and happy while support is provided during their time of need.

Our Respite Care service allows individuals with the opportunity to rest and recover from a recent hospital stay and for caregivers to have a well-earned break. Our expert team is fully trained to understand and deal with a variety of health needs, and as well as provide tailored care to residents 24 hours a day.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a short-term care option, providing both planned and unplanned respite breaks from a full-time caregiver. Whether individuals have experienced a fall, are recovering from an illness or the primary caregiver is looking to have a short break, respite care is the ideal solution. Our home offers first-class care in purpose-built, luxury surroundings, which provides residents with the best chance of full recovery. Many of our residents after experiencing respite care enjoy their stay so much that they choose to stay with us permanently.

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Respite Care at Hazelwood Care Home

Respite Care is delivered to residents in our luxury care home, where residents receive the finest possible care at all times. Our person-centred approach to care means we look after our residents as a whole, offering the opportunity for residents to live the way they want to, in a safe and supportive environment. We work hard to maximise the potential of each resident enabling them to lead a fulfilling and comfortable life. Our team is fully trained to understand and deal with all aspects of health care; we take pride in providing the highest levels of care services and respect for every individual.

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What You’ll Find at Hazelwood

The services, environment, and lifestyle provided at Hazelwood Care Home have been thoughtfully created to ensure our residents’ wellbeing, fostering comfort, contentment, and a strong sense of belonging. We passionately believe in empowering our residents to live life their way, and we go to great lengths to assist them in achieving this.

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Respite Care FAQs

At Hazelwood Care Home, respite care is available to individuals needing short-term support. This service facilitates recovery and aid with daily activities, giving caregivers the opportunity to take a break. Furthermore, for those considering full-time care, our respite care programme allows for a 4-week trial period to assess its suitability for long-term arrangements.

All residents at Hazelwood Care Home receive the same quality of care and services, regardless of the duration of their stay. Throughout their time with us, residents can expect to have a private bedroom, access to meals and refreshments, engagement in various activities and entertainment, use of our in-house facilities, and assistance with daily tasks. Depending on the individual’s care needs, nursing care may also be provided.

The duration of respite care stays is determined based on the specific needs of each individual and the availability of respite care beds at Hazelwood Care Home. To facilitate a smooth transition and enable residents to benefit fully from our support, we have established a minimum stay requirement. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Unrivalled Care Each & Every Day

We are proud to deliver many different types of care and support a variety of health conditions at our care home in Kent. We provide a warm and secure environment for older people to experience the benefits of group living. We take great amounts of pride in always respecting both the privacy and choices of our residents while also supporting their total freedom to live their lives.

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