Residential Care

We support individuals who may find it difficult to manage and look after themselves at home. Hazelwood Care Home offers a comfortable and safe environment for elderly individuals, who can enjoy the benefits of both group living and independence.

We strive to provide residents with not only around-the-clock medical care but also overall wellbeing support through a variety of methods such as our excellent services and facilities, allowing them to live a full and happy life every day.

Unrivalled Care Each & Every Day

Our passionate team pride itself on providing the highest quality of care and all of our staff are fully qualified and proactive in their approach. Each resident is assigned a primary care nurse, who will care for, discuss and assess their needs, as well as develop a person-centred plan. All of our staff are chosen for their warmth, caring, and committed attitude to supporting residents in getting the best experience from every day. It is our experienced and passionate staff who allow us to deliver unrivalled care each and every day.