One of the most popular rooms in our home has always been our tranquil and peaceful library. This wonderfully comfortable space is the ideal location to relax and read a favourite book or get lost in a new one. We actively encourage all residents to take advantage of the space provided to them, from enjoying the thrill of getting lost in a well-written book to stress reduction and improved sleep and increasing memory circuits; there are benefits to be enjoyed by all.

Reading aloud or in a group helps individuals to engage their imaginations while also providing topics of conversation for fellow residents and even family members to join in on. From reading periodicals to enjoying a quiet tabletop game with a fellow resident, our library is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

The Benefits of Reading

We encourage our residents to see our library as a place they can visit to enjoy a moment of escapism. Reading can make an enormous difference when it comes to improving mental health, socialisation skills and continuing to live an independent lifestyle; our staff actively encourage all of our residents to visit our library regularly. From reducing stress, to enhancing the memory through to even improving sleep, the act of reading comes with a whole host of benefits. Simply reading for pleasure has a wonderful impact upon the wellbeing of our residents and so our library will always be an inviting and welcoming space.

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Something For Everyone

Our library aims to appeal to a wide spectrum of readers by including popular classics like ‘Wuthering Heights’ as well as more modern literature. Whatever genre our residents enjoy, we are confident that there is something on the shelves that will pique their interest. Our book selection is regularly updated and expanded, ensuring that even our most regular visitors will always find something new to appreciate.

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What You’ll Find at Hazelwood

The services, environment, and lifestyle provided at Hazelwood Care Home have been thoughtfully created to ensure our residents’ wellbeing, fostering comfort, contentment, and a strong sense of belonging. We passionately believe in empowering our residents to live life their way, and we go to great lengths to assist them in achieving this.




Table Top Games

Comfy Seating

Quiet Space

Library FAQs

Our library boasts an extensive selection catering to all tastes, spanning from the beloved classics to the latest page-turners. Additionally, residents can immerse themselves in a wide range of newspapers and magazines, with the option to receive their own subscriptions for a truly tailored reading experience. Please note subscriptions may come at an additional cost.

With a dedicated focus on keeping our residents engaged, we regularly introduce new reading materials to the library. We are also fortunate to receive numerous book donations from residents, family members, and various local organisations.

The atmosphere of our library has been designed to foster tranquility and relaxation for residents. The space boasts inviting armchairs and tasteful, subdued furnishings, all carefully selected to create a peaceful and comforting reading experience.

Unrivalled Care Each & Every Day

We are proud to deliver many different types of care and support a variety of health conditions at our care home in Kent. We provide a warm and secure environment for older people to experience the benefits of group living. We take great amounts of pride in always respecting both the privacy and choices of our residents while also supporting their total freedom to live their lives.

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