One of the most popular rooms in our home has always been our tranquil and peaceful library. This wonderfully comfortable space is the ideal location to relax and read a favourite book or get lost in a new one. We actively encourage all residents to take advantage of the space provided to them, from enjoying the thrill of getting lost in a well-written book to stress reduction and improved sleep and increasing memory circuits; there are benefits to be enjoyed by all.

Reading aloud or in a group helps individuals to engage their imaginations while also providing topics of conversation for fellow residents and even family members to join in on. From reading periodicals to enjoying a quiet tabletop game with a fellow resident, our library is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

The Benefits of Reading

We encourage our residents to see our library as a place they can visit to enjoy a moment of escapism. Reading can make an enormous difference when it comes to improving mental health, socialisation skills and continuing to live an independent lifestyle; our staff actively encourage all of our residents to visit our library regularly. From reducing stress, to enhancing the memory through to even improving sleep, the act of reading comes with a whole host of benefits. Simply reading for pleasure has a wonderful impact upon the wellbeing of our residents and so our library will always be an inviting and welcoming space.


Facilities To Fuel Your Interests

We offer a wide variety of first-class amenities as well as a stimulating and enticing Activity Programme that our residents are encouraged to participate in. Here at Hazelwood Care Home we provide our services on an all-inclusive basis, allowing each of our residents to have equal access to all of the facilities, activities and services available. Whether residents wish to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, request afternoon tea in the garden or take a trip into town, they can do so at no additional cost. We go above and beyond to ensure our home is filled with facilities and activities to fuel residents’ interests every day.

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Something For Everyone

Our library aims to appeal to a wide spectrum of readers by including popular classics like ‘Wuthering Heights’ as well as more modern literature. Whatever genre our residents enjoy, we are confident that there is something on the shelves that will pique their interest. Our book selection is regularly updated and expanded, ensuring that even our most regular visitors will always find something new to appreciate.

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The Library at Hazelwood Care Home

Our comfortable and inviting library shelves are filled with plenty of books for residents to enjoy at any time of the day. Whether they’re looking to settle in a comfy chair in the corner for the day, or enjoy a card game for two, our library is the perfect spot for a quiet hour.

Books, Newspapers & Periodicals

Residents can choose from a wide variety of publications in our cosy library. Whatever they wish to immerse themselves in are sure to have something they’ll enjoy, from magazines to Newspapers and historical periodicals our library is bursting with something for everyone.

Table Top Games

As well as reading, residents are also able to use the library space to enjoy tabletop games. From Scrabble to Chess, we encourage those who visit our library to enjoy the quiet games available to them, and even invite their loved ones to enjoy a game or two together.

An Evergrowing Collection

We update our book collection on a regular basis, including new releases by a wide range of authors. From autobiographies to romance novels, our collection grows week by week, with our Activity Coordinator sourcing reading material that they know will be enjoyed as well as taking recommendations from residents and their loved ones.

A Pleasant Lifestyle is Promised

We promise to ensure that all of our residents are given the opportunity to live their life to its fullest potential. There’s always lots to do at Hazelwood Care Home; we have Activities Coordinators who encourage residents to take part in group activities, such as exercise, bingo, quizzes and sing-a-longs. Our Activities Coordinators also spend time one-to-one with residents concentrating on person-centred interests. We enjoy regular visits from outside entertainers including pianists and singers. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from our Cinema Room and Lounge areas, to our quiet Sensory room and Library; we strive to present residents with a pleasant lifestyle that allows them to flourish.

Unrivalled Care Each & Every Day

Our wonderful team is made up of skilled and experienced professionals who understand the comprehensive care and assistance that residents require to improve not only their health but also their quality of life. The well-being of our residents is our top priority. Our passionate team pride itself on providing the highest quality of care and all of our staff are fully qualified and proactive in their approach. We offer exemplary standards of Nursing, Residential, Dementia and Respite Care. We want residents to feel settled from day one, no matter what their individual needs are. Here at Hazelwood Care Home, we deliver unrivalled care each and every day, set within a comfortable and safe environment where everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of group living and independence.

Talk to a Member of our Friendly Team

We welcome any questions you may have regarding our home, the facilities available or daily life at Hazelwood Care Home. Talk to a friendly team member today by calling 01474 573 800 or emailing You are also able to submit an online Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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