Dementia Care

We are thrilled to be able to provide Dementia Care in a dedicated unit at Hazelwood Care Home, where the needs of those living with dementia are satisfied. Our Dementia Care team has all undergone thorough, specialised training in dealing with all aspects and severity levels of dementia.

Our carers and activity coordinators go above and beyond, collaborating with dementia residents and their loved ones to identify activities and therapies that are appropriate for their specific needs and to help them thrive, as we recognise the benefits of living a content life for those living with a life-changing illness.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a long-term illness that affects a number of mental functions, including speech issues and memory loss. With the proper care and attention, those living with dementia can continue to live their lives to the fullest while participating in their favourite activities. When it comes to residents, our goal is to assist them to maintain their sense of self and independence for as long as possible. At Hazelwood Care Home, we recognise that no two people with dementia are alike and that although some may only require modest assistance in managing their everyday lives, others may require much more.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

Our primary goal is to make each resident feel relaxed and at home in their new residence, as well as to supply them with anything they require. Because of our extensive dementia care knowledge and experience working with people who have suffered or are currently suffering from memory loss, our outstanding staff can provide unsurpassed care in a warm and safe environment. On the first floor of our home, we have a sensory room that is used extensively by our residents with dementia, as it proves to have benefits in developing communication skills, improving focus, and providing a calming atmosphere. We strive to provide treatment that helps each individual to achieve their best potential and live a happy and comfortable life.

Hazelwood sensory room

Dementia Care at Hazelwood Care Home

We provide dementia care in our dedicated, bespoke Poppy Unit, which is fully equipped and designed to enable us to provide the highest quality care to those with dementia. All of our team receive ongoing dementia and Alzheimer’s training, which covers the essential information and abilities required of all health and social care professionals, with a focus on understanding, awareness, and relationship building. This training ensures our staff has the up-to-date knowledge and skills that are appropriate to the various stages of dementia. We work hard to ensure that each resident enjoys the little things in life, helping them to get the most out of their stay, and we take pride in providing the highest level of care and respect to each and every one of them.

When is Dementia Care Necessary?

Dementia can bring a variety of challenges on a daily basis for both those living with it and their loved ones and caregivers. Dementia is a progressive condition, which means that the person suffering from it will need more care and support as time goes on. With the help of family and loved ones, our staff creates a bespoke care plan and an authentic picture of each resident’s life, ensuring that both medical and wellness care is considered and facilitated.

Unrivalled Care Each & Every Day

We strive to exceed expectations while delivering great care and vow to provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for our residents. By acquiring a complete understanding of each individual’s needs and developing comprehensive care plans suited to each individual, we are able to provide everyone with a diverse lifestyle and the highest quality of life. Regardless of the obstacles they face, our entire team is committed to providing compassionate, person-centred care, ensuring that each resident enjoys every moment of their stay at our warm and loving home.

Our Healthcare Services

Caring for people as a whole means ensuring both mental and physical well-being is catered for, thus we provide a wide range of services, including:

Be Seen By a GP

Residents can arrange an appointment with a doctor and go alone or with a staff member to see their local GP. This is included in the weekly care home fee.

Eye Care

At Hazelwood Care Home, all residents have access to an optician who will examine any vision-related issues and treatments can then be arranged at an additional cost.

Dentist Appointments

Those in need of dental attention can be seen by a dentist. There will be an extra cost for treatment carried out.

Access to Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatments are available to those who are suffering from joint or muscular pain. This service is not included in the overall fee but can be arranged at a cost for those who need it.

Chiropody Needs

At an additional expense, an appointment with a Chiropodist can be scheduled to assess and treat residents with foot-related concerns.

A Pleasant Lifestyle is Promised

Our custom-built care home was designed to meet the needs and interests of our residents. Everyone is free to make their own choices and live their lives how they wish. Hazelwood Care Home’s staff works hard to establish strong relationships with our residents and their families so that we may fully meet their needs and wants. Thanks to our varied assortment of amenities, residents can continue to pursue their passions and enjoy a happy life. Living at Hazelwood Care Home will feel like being a part of one big family, with a strong feeling of community, allowing for relatives and friends to visit anytime they choose.

Talk to a Member of our Friendly Team 

If you would like to speak with a member of our team about the care services we provide, the staff at Hazelwood Care Home would be glad to assist you in any way they can. To contact us, call 01474 573 800, send an email to, or fill out our online Enquiry Form. We look forward to speaking with you.