Meet our Home Manager, George

Our Home Manager George has worked at Hazelwood Care Home for over 6 years and plays an integral part in the success of our happy home.

With 16 years of experience in dementia care, George has worked in several roles including Domestic Assistant, Catering Assistant, Care Assistant, Senior Carer, Deputy Manager, and his current position as Home Manager, meaning he has had a holistic view of all aspects of a care home. In one of his roles, he resided with the residents in a dementia care home, living with them 24/7 and sharing their facilities for 5 months prior to becoming a Care Assistant.

It is these experiences that have played a huge part in the way the home is run, and Hazelwood’s approach to care. George likes to run Hazelwood in a way that is open and transparent and keeps a consistent line of communication with both residents and families to ensure they are always providing the very best in everything they do.

George describes the culture of the home as a place where everyone treats each other as though they are family. The staff is dedicated to achieving better for the residents and wanting to make a difference in their lives by working hard and always going the extra mile. The home’s current score and CQC rating is a true testament to the fantastic work George and the team do at Hazelwood.

When asked what his favourite thing about managing the home is, George commented: “There is so much I love about working at Hazelwood Care Home, to me it is my second home. In everything we do, we focus on and value the people involved. I love the amazing team that I work with and the support I get from senior management – they give me the autonomy to do what I feel is right for the home, residents, and staff. It is a pleasure to meet so many wonderful residents, learn about their lives and build relationships with them. Every resident is treated the same despite their circumstances and can continue their stay in the same room regardless.

George’s plans for the future include investing more into the development of their dementia care, including education and technology, and to lead a positive change within this care service. As well as maintaining the homely environment, George would like Hazelwood to play a bigger part in the community, a place that is seen as trustworthy and supportive, and inviting to residents, relatives, friends, and staff. Lastly, in support of the hard work from his team, George plans to organise more training for the Care Assistants of the future, helping them on their journey in health and social careers.

To find out more about the care provided at Hazelwood Care Home, and its facilities or to arrange a meeting with George, then we welcome you to contact us directly or submit an enquiry form.

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